Incoming Haworthia

Yesterday we showed off a range of the incredible┬ánew specimens which arrived in one flat after another this earlier this week. But as mentioned, the delivery was so big we couldn't hope to cram all the content into one blog post. Today, Desert Creations proudly shows off it's newest additions to the shelves, a wide … Continue reading Incoming Haworthia

New Week, New Arrivals

One of the most exciting times to be working at Desert Creations involves the arrival of new specimens. When the white van rumbles into the parking lot, it's a time for rolling up sleeves, unloading boxes, and drawing out one flat after another of unique succulents and cacti.┬áIf last week's evening delivery got your attention, … Continue reading New Week, New Arrivals

Evening Delivery

Yesterday Gerald woke up at the crack of dawn to take the nursery van down to San Diego. The mission: to secure multiple flats of new plants for the nursery, load up the van, and brave fierce afternoon traffic conditions on the way back to Northridge. As the sun began dipping late in the afternoon, … Continue reading Evening Delivery

New Arrival – Dioscorea Macrostahcya, the “Mexican Yam”

Of the many unique specimens we receive here at the nursery, dioscorea tend to draw the most inquiries and speculative stares from customers; their bark-like skin, knobbly texture, and a squat profile speaks more to the look of a alien tree stump. Rest assured, these unique specimens are as full of life as any other … Continue reading New Arrival – Dioscorea Macrostahcya, the “Mexican Yam”