The Show Plants of the 2018 Sunset Cactus and Succulent Sale

This past weekend at the Sunset Cactus and Succulent Show in Culver City saw tabletops filled with jaw dropping cactus and succulent specimens ranging from exotic Echeverias to killer Copiapoa. Our following photo gallery touches on some of our favorites from the weekend, offering inspiration to individuals looking to add something comparable to their own … Continue reading The Show Plants of the 2018 Sunset Cactus and Succulent Sale

New Arrival Update

Rolling into May, the nursery has begin to pick up the pace of acquisitions to present exciting new offerings to our customers. This last weekend saw a number of new items arrive in a parade of taped brown boxes, including several Eulychnia castanea spiralis, a wealth of rooted  Rebutia rauschii violacidermis, fist-size grafted Japanese Astrophytums, multiple … Continue reading New Arrival Update

New Week, New Arrivals

One of the most exciting times to be working at Desert Creations involves the arrival of new specimens. When the white van rumbles into the parking lot, it's a time for rolling up sleeves, unloading boxes, and drawing out one flat after another of unique succulents and cacti. If last week's evening delivery got your attention, … Continue reading New Week, New Arrivals

Arrival of the Astrophytums

Last week we received a very special shipment of Japanese astrophytum hybrids from a nursery in Arizona. To say that these were unique specimens was plainly an understatement; each one displayed it's own unique ridges, flocking patterns, and rich green coloration. Within an hour of pinging their arrival via social media, dedicated collectors began filtering into … Continue reading Arrival of the Astrophytums