Haworthia Showcase

Miss us? We're back with a new batch of photos to share of some exquisite Haworthias, part of the collection of one of the nursery partners. While these particular pieces aren't available, we currently have a large assortment of Haworthia species at the nursery to satisfy your cravings. Soak up the visual vibrance of these beauties, we … Continue reading Haworthia Showcase

Incoming Haworthia

Yesterday we showed off a range of the incredible new specimens which arrived in one flat after another this earlier this week. But as mentioned, the delivery was so big we couldn't hope to cram all the content into one blog post. Today, Desert Creations proudly shows off it's newest additions to the shelves, a wide … Continue reading Incoming Haworthia

H. Truncata Repotting

Another day, another plant in need of a situational upgrade. We've got a haworthia truncata throwing offsets like crazy in a small pot. Coupled with soil which isn't draining so hot, it's a good candidate for a repotting. Alright, let's go through the steps and get this plant into a new home. 1. All the … Continue reading H. Truncata Repotting