Rugged Good Looks: Ariocarpus fissuratus

Check out these shots of this head-turning Ariocarpus fissuratus collection we received this past weekend, each with a rocky, fissured appearance which lives up to their name. These cacti are native to the Texas, and can be found in areas close to the Rio Grande in the Big Bend region of West Texas. These drought … Continue reading Rugged Good Looks: Ariocarpus fissuratus

The Baobab Currency of Madagascar

Google can turn up some interesting results when you cast the net wide while conducting online research. In this particular instance, it started with an inquiry on the famous Baobab trees of Madagascar which returned a treasure trove of images. But among the shots of these distinct trees in habitat, there was an image of … Continue reading The Baobab Currency of Madagascar

Staging by Desert Creations

When gifting a cactus or succulent, sometimes the situation calls for elevating the presentation up from a plastic pot. At Desert Creations we can pair your purchase with the appropriate soil, pot, and top dressing to create a living work of art. Whether it's a plant you just purchased from the nursery or one you've … Continue reading Staging by Desert Creations

Hella Haworthia

It was good to be a fan of Haworthia this past weekend at Desert Creations. In the midst of our grand re-opening sale we received multiple flats of this highly collectible South African genus. Once the green tide had a chance to settle, customers had the opportunity to browse large adult specimens to young seedlings, … Continue reading Hella Haworthia

New Year, New Gift Shop

Since passing into 2018 almost two months ago, we've been busy reworking the look and feel of the nursery in a big way. From building new benches in the yard and stocking them with wondrous new specimens, to rolling up our sleeves and sorting out years worth of supplies in the garage, big changes which … Continue reading New Year, New Gift Shop

Essential Top Dressings Now Available

Once most plant collectors have established the ability and know-how to keep their cherished plants alive, they're likely to start looking at ways to enhance the look of their specimens. While one option is to begin repotting select specimens into fancy ceramics, an equally effective (and perhaps more cost effective) method is to invest in … Continue reading Essential Top Dressings Now Available

Get to Know Grafts

If you've spent any amount of time visiting specialty nurseries (like Desert Creations ::cough cough::) chances are you've seen some odd, often top-heavy looking specimens. You're not looking at a bizarre twist of nature as with crested specimens, but rather two plants which have been artificially fused together by a grower in a process known as … Continue reading Get to Know Grafts

Grog Clay Co. Pottery Now Available

As our grand re-opening draws closer, we've been busy stocking the shelves of our gift shop with a range of all new goods from local artisans. This past Sunday we aded a selection of hand thrown pottery from the Los Angeles-based Grog Clay Company. Each pot features hand-painted colors which boldly contrast against the ceramics natural shades … Continue reading Grog Clay Co. Pottery Now Available

The Alien Appeal of Psuedolithos

At Desert Creations, some specimens impress visitors with their vibrant color, impressive spines, or a massive caudex. But it's the diminutive, rock-like Psuedolithos that continually steal the show with an appearance absolutely challenging the popular conception of what a succulent "should" look like. These squat, stony-looking spheres are studded with bumps all over their diminutive … Continue reading The Alien Appeal of Psuedolithos

Calling All Crests

Popular culture has trained us to associate mutation with marauding bandits in a post apocalyptic landscape or a certain group of sewer-bound superheroes. But in reality, mutations are far more benign. In the world of cacti and succulents, mutation often makes for a fascinating and visually impressive specimen worthy of a prominent spot in a … Continue reading Calling All Crests