When Plants Smell Bad – Brachystelma barberae

Some of our plants bloom what are known as carrion flowers. Rather than sweet smelling, colorful blooms, these flowers have unique shapes and scents mimicing rotting meat to attracts flies, their primary pollinator. Pseduolithos eylensis has a bizarre bloom with a smell like fresh manure while specimens in the Hoodia genus are also known for … Continue reading When Plants Smell Bad – Brachystelma barberae

The Alien Appeal of Psuedolithos

At Desert Creations, some specimens impress visitors with their vibrant color, impressive spines, or a massive caudex. But it's the diminutive, rock-like Psuedolithos that continually steal the show with an appearance absolutely challenging the popular conception of what a succulent "should" look like. These squat, stony-looking spheres are studded with bumps all over their diminutive … Continue reading The Alien Appeal of Psuedolithos

LA’s Foulest Smelling Flower

Depending on where you live, bad smells can be a daily reality. Dense cities offer a variety of stenches welling up from the closest manhole while the countryside surprises you with ripe manure in a farmers field. But regardless of how jaded you are to the worst smells on the wind, you're not prepared for the piercing scent of … Continue reading LA’s Foulest Smelling Flower