Staging by Desert Creations

When gifting a cactus or succulent, sometimes the situation calls for elevating the presentation up from a plastic pot. At Desert Creations we can pair your purchase with the appropriate soil, pot, and top dressing to create a living work of art. Whether it's a plant you just purchased from the nursery or one you've … Continue reading Staging by Desert Creations

A Nursery Transforms Itself

With the new year we decided it was time to put some long awaited changes into effect here at Desert Creations. We've rearranged the interior of our gift shop, transformed the back office into a vault of rare books, and expanded on our selection of hand thrown pottery, gardening tools, and top dressing. But some … Continue reading A Nursery Transforms Itself

A New Year for Desert Creations

We're Back Hello succulent and cacti lovers! It's been a while since you've heard from us but it's a new year and we've got lot's of new content to offer! From re-potting plants to new shipments at the nursery, expect new posts from us every week moving forward. New Nursery Hours As some of you … Continue reading A New Year for Desert Creations

Ariocarpus Repotting

Today we're going to be repotting an Ariocarus furfuraceus. This particular specimen came to us potted in a half gallon container filled with a questionable mix of pumice, chunks of sticks, sand, organic matter. Obviously a great candidate for repotting, let's get started! Let's make sure we've got everything we need first; pot, soil, top dressing, poking … Continue reading Ariocarpus Repotting

And the Cacti Keep Coming

You know Spring is coming fast when we begin brining in specimens at the rate we have lately. From big deliveries packing our delivery van to multiple flats of collectible Haworthias, we're already having to get creative with available space. But for nursery visitors, the abundance of new items offers a chance to expand collections, discover new … Continue reading And the Cacti Keep Coming

Wrap’em and Pack’em

Whenever there's a big sale at the nursery there's always the initial thrill of seeing our plants going to a good home. But when the order is headed out of state, it gets a little more complicated. Simply drop a cactus in a box, throw on some postage, and take it to the post office? … Continue reading Wrap’em and Pack’em

Upkeep Update

If you're a regular to Desert Creations, you're familiar with the "Alleyway", our row of plants located along the easterly side of the nursery. Until recently this area was just a dirt walkway which was beginning to resemble a swamp thanks to the consistent Winter rain. Obviously this muddy hazard couldn't persist so this last weekend we were hard … Continue reading Upkeep Update

Echinocactus Texensis, the “Devils Cap”

Many cacti and succulents have cute, colloquial  names endearing them to collectors such as "Baby Toes", "Burro's Tail", "Christmas Cactus", or "Panda Plant". But then you hear "Horse Crippler" or "Devil's Head" and you stop and ask yourself "Did I hear that right?" With such unforgiving nicknames you'd think echinocactus texensis is one cacti you should cross off your … Continue reading Echinocactus Texensis, the “Devils Cap”