Variegated Gymnocalicium

These variegated Gymnocalicium owe their stunning coloring to a lack of chlorophyll. While some variegated specimens require a graft in order to survive, these cacti have enough in their system to standalone on their own roots. These specimens are currently resting and rooting themselves after their long trek to us and aren't available for sale … Continue reading Variegated Gymnocalicium

Greenhouse Update

Regular customers and first time guests alike always marvel at the diversity of specimens housed within our greenhouse. It's the first thing offering of specimens people encounter after passing through our gift shop and naturally we want to make an amazing first impression. Lately we've received so many new plants the greenhouse has literally been … Continue reading Greenhouse Update

Let’s Talk with Grog Clay Company

Having the right pot to pair with your perfect plant is probably one of the most gratifying experiences to have as a collector. While individual tastes differ, the options usually come down to natural earthen wares or gleaming glazes. For those of you who have a hard time deciding, Grog Clay Company marries natural textures … Continue reading Let’s Talk with Grog Clay Company

The Baobab Currency of Madagascar

Google can turn up some interesting results when you cast the net wide while conducting online research. In this particular instance, it started with an inquiry on the famous Baobab trees of Madagascar which returned a treasure trove of images. But among the shots of these distinct trees in habitat, there was an image of … Continue reading The Baobab Currency of Madagascar

Staging by Desert Creations

When gifting a cactus or succulent, sometimes the situation calls for elevating the presentation up from a plastic pot. At Desert Creations we can pair your purchase with the appropriate soil, pot, and top dressing to create a living work of art. Whether it's a plant you just purchased from the nursery or one you've … Continue reading Staging by Desert Creations

The Painted Plants of Saori Ohwada

Recently I was thumbing through Instagrams "Explore" section when a piece of colorful botanical artwork hooked my attention and brought a pause to the current scan-and-swipe session. The painted Pachypodium in front of me was the handiwork of Saori Ohwada, a Japanese painter who draws inspiration from the natural world to render your favorite cacti … Continue reading The Painted Plants of Saori Ohwada

First Thursday with the LACSS

Are you local to Los Angeles? Are you looking for a monthly get together with like-minded individuals who share your passion for cacti and succulents? The Los Angeles Cacti and Succulent Society (LACSS) meets the first Thursday of every month, offering enthusiasts of all experience levels the opportunity to meet fellow collectors, expand their knowledge … Continue reading First Thursday with the LACSS

Hella Haworthia

It was good to be a fan of Haworthia this past weekend at Desert Creations. In the midst of our grand re-opening sale we received multiple flats of this highly collectible South African genus. Once the green tide had a chance to settle, customers had the opportunity to browse large adult specimens to young seedlings, … Continue reading Hella Haworthia

Guillermo Rivera – Leading the Way to Habitat

Have you ever found yourself dreaming of a life where your main occupation is travel the world to a range of habitats seeking out rare succulents and cacti? One individual had that dream and after years of hard work, he now wakes up to the reality of it every day. Meet Guillermo Rivera, the career … Continue reading Guillermo Rivera – Leading the Way to Habitat

New Year, New Gift Shop

Since passing into 2018 almost two months ago, we've been busy reworking the look and feel of the nursery in a big way. From building new benches in the yard and stocking them with wondrous new specimens, to rolling up our sleeves and sorting out years worth of supplies in the garage, big changes which … Continue reading New Year, New Gift Shop