Greenhouse Update

Regular customers and first time guests alike always marvel at the diversity of specimens housed within our greenhouse. It's the first thing offering of specimens people encounter after passing through our gift shop and naturally we want to make an amazing first impression. Lately we've received so many new plants the greenhouse has literally been … Continue reading Greenhouse Update


What to do With All These Cuttings?

With new stock always coming into the nursery, it becomes a Tetris-like game of finding space to file away flats of fresh specimens. Making room usually involves a lot of consolidation and sometimes we can get creative in how we accomplish that. Recently we had to take a hard look at the space being taken … Continue reading What to do With All These Cuttings?

LACSS 2018 Drought Tolerant Plant Festival

The Los Angeles Cactus and Succulent Society (LACSS) is proud to announce its annual Drought Tolerant Plant Festival, to be held on Saturday, June 9 (9:00 – 4:00) and Sunday, June 10 (9:00 – 3:00) at the Sepulveda Garden Center in Encino. Since its beginning in 1935, LACSS has hosted an annual Cactus and Succulent Show, which is now … Continue reading LACSS 2018 Drought Tolerant Plant Festival

Haemanthus deformis Steals the Spotlight

Among dozens of other awe-inspiring show plants on display at last weekend's Sunset Succulent Society Cactus and Succulent Show,  Brian Gold's Haemanthus deformis spread it's leave wide to envelope attendee attention. Glowing green leaves splayed over the side of the staging pot and new growth could be seen tentatively making its way up from the center. Overall … Continue reading Haemanthus deformis Steals the Spotlight

The Show Plants of the 2018 Sunset Cactus and Succulent Sale

This past weekend at the Sunset Cactus and Succulent Show in Culver City saw tabletops filled with jaw dropping cactus and succulent specimens ranging from exotic Echeverias to killer Copiapoa. Our following photo gallery touches on some of our favorites from the weekend, offering inspiration to individuals looking to add something comparable to their own … Continue reading The Show Plants of the 2018 Sunset Cactus and Succulent Sale

New Arrival Update

Rolling into May, the nursery has begin to pick up the pace of acquisitions to present exciting new offerings to our customers. This last weekend saw a number of new items arrive in a parade of taped brown boxes, including several Eulychnia castanea spiralis, a wealth of rooted  Rebutia rauschii violacidermis, fist-size grafted Japanese Astrophytums, multiple … Continue reading New Arrival Update

Spring Sale Success Story

From everyone here at the nursery, thank you for stopping by to take part in our Spring Sale this past weekend. Customers were greeted by full rows of succulents and cacti with only beaming blue skies overhead. Once at the register, everyone had the opportunity to dip into the Desert Creations Lottery Box and draw … Continue reading Spring Sale Success Story

Let’s Talk with Grog Clay Company

Having the right pot to pair with your perfect plant is probably one of the most gratifying experiences to have as a collector. While individual tastes differ, the options usually come down to natural earthen wares or gleaming glazes. For those of you who have a hard time deciding, Grog Clay Company marries natural textures … Continue reading Let’s Talk with Grog Clay Company

Rugged Good Looks: Ariocarpus fissuratus

Check out these shots of this head-turning Ariocarpus fissuratus collection we received this past weekend, each with a rocky, fissured appearance which lives up to their name. These cacti are native to the Texas, and can be found in areas close to the Rio Grande in the Big Bend region of West Texas. These drought … Continue reading Rugged Good Looks: Ariocarpus fissuratus

The Baobab Currency of Madagascar

Google can turn up some interesting results when you cast the net wide while conducting online research. In this particular instance, it started with an inquiry on the famous Baobab trees of Madagascar which returned a treasure trove of images. But among the shots of these distinct trees in habitat, there was an image of … Continue reading The Baobab Currency of Madagascar