Geeking on Grafts

If you've spent any amount of time visiting specialty nurseries (like Desert Creations ::cough cough::) chances are you've seen some odd, often top-heavy looking specimens. Those pencil thin bodies often supporting much larger heads (or in some cases disproportionately smaller ones) are called grafts. You're not looking at a bizarre twist of nature as with … Continue reading Geeking on Grafts


Grog Clay Co. Pottery Now Available

As our grand re-opening draws closer, we've been busy stocking the shelves of our gift shop with a range of all new goods from local artisans. This past Sunday we aded a selection of hand thrown pottery from the Los Angeles-based Grog Clay Company. Each pot features hand-painted colors which boldly contrast against the ceramics natural shades … Continue reading Grog Clay Co. Pottery Now Available

The Alien Appeal of Psuedolithos

At Desert Creations, some specimens impress visitors with their vibrant color, impressive spines, or a massive caudex. But it's the diminutive, rock-like Psuedolithos that continually steal the show with an appearance absolutely challenging the popular conception of what a succulent "should" look like. These squat, stony-looking spheres are studded with bumps all over their diminutive … Continue reading The Alien Appeal of Psuedolithos

Calling All Crests

Popular culture has trained us to associate mutation with marauding bandits in a post apocalyptic landscape or a certain group of sewer-bound superheroes. But in reality, mutations are far more benign. In the world of cacti and succulents, mutation often makes for a fascinating and visually impressive specimen worthy of a prominent spot in a … Continue reading Calling All Crests

A Nursery Transforms Itself

With the new year we decided it was time to put some long awaited changes into effect here at Desert Creations. We've rearranged the interior of our gift shop, transformed the back office into a vault of rare books, and expanded on our selection of hand thrown pottery, gardening tools, and top dressing. But some … Continue reading A Nursery Transforms Itself

Legendary Adenia Spinosa

Many succulents can start off small but with the proper care and the right conditions, some can grow to massive proportions. That was the case with these giant Adenia spinosa we received last month, each weighing over 60+ pounds and absolutely ready to not move an inch. Crowned with a bristling forest of thorny branches … Continue reading Legendary Adenia Spinosa

Bare Root Bonanza

Whenever shipping a cactus or succulent specimen to it's new home, we always send items bare root to reduce the shipping weight and prevent any humidity buildup from residual moistures in the potting soil. Of course, there's also an additional benefit that comes un-potting out plants which is getting to see the hidden elements of … Continue reading Bare Root Bonanza

A New Year for Desert Creations

We're Back Hello succulent and cacti lovers! It's been a while since you've heard from us but it's a new year and we've got lot's of new content to offer! From re-potting plants to new shipments at the nursery, expect new posts from us every week moving forward. New Nursery Hours As some of you … Continue reading A New Year for Desert Creations

Ariocarpus Repotting

Today we're going to be repotting an Ariocarus furfuraceus. This particular specimen came to us potted in a half gallon container filled with a questionable mix of pumice, chunks of sticks, sand, organic matter. Obviously a great candidate for repotting, let's get started! Let's make sure we've got everything we need first; pot, soil, top dressing, poking … Continue reading Ariocarpus Repotting

Haworthia Showcase

Miss us? We're back with a new batch of photos to share of some exquisite Haworthias, part of the collection of one of the nursery partners. While these particular pieces aren't available, we currently have a large assortment of Haworthia species at the nursery to satisfy your cravings. Soak up the visual vibrance of these beauties, we … Continue reading Haworthia Showcase