Ariocarpus Repotting

Today we're going to be repotting an Ariocarus furfuraceus. This particular specimen came to us potted in a half gallon container filled with a questionable mix of pumice, chunks of sticks, sand, organic matter. Obviously a great candidate for repotting, let's get started! Let's make sure we've got everything we need first; pot, soil, top dressing, poking … Continue reading Ariocarpus Repotting


Haworthia Showcase

Miss us? We're back with a new batch of photos to share of some exquisite Haworthias, part of the collection of one of the nursery partners. While these particular pieces aren't available, we currently have a large assortment of Haworthia species at the nursery to satisfy your cravings. Soak up the visual vibrance of these beauties, we … Continue reading Haworthia Showcase

Big Time Blooms

As clouds and cold give way to sunshine and heat, specimens all across the nursery are beginning to awaken. Spectacular blooms are popping out among the rows with more and more regularity and it's only a matter of time before every aisle is a bright showcase of cacti and succulent flowers. The following gallery offers up some of … Continue reading Big Time Blooms

Raiders of the Lost Greenhouse

For the past few months there had been talk of a private nursery collection which lay outside of LA which Desert Creations was set to acquire. While we were assured the collection was ready for pickup, the record Winter rains had essentially grounded our efforts to make the three hour drive to pock it up. With several … Continue reading Raiders of the Lost Greenhouse

And the Cacti Keep Coming

You know Spring is coming fast when we begin brining in specimens at the rate we have lately. From big deliveries packing our delivery van to multiple flats of collectible Haworthias, we're already having to get creative with available space. But for nursery visitors, the abundance of new items offers a chance to expand collections, discover new … Continue reading And the Cacti Keep Coming

Haworthia Bumrush the Nursery

The last few days an ongoing green flood of Haworthia plants have been pouring through the doors of Desert Creations. Our previous arrivals were strong, young plants which have yet to reveal the full scope of their potential forms. Conversely, the dozens of mature specimens that came in this Saturday was an astonishing reveal of the multiple forms these statue-like succulents can … Continue reading Haworthia Bumrush the Nursery