Rugged Good Looks: Ariocarpus fissuratus

Check out these shots of this head-turning Ariocarpus fissuratus collection we received this past weekend, each with a rocky, fissured appearance which lives up to their name. These cacti are native to the Texas, and can be found in areas close to the Rio Grande in the Big Bend region of West Texas. These drought tolerant plants grow along dry, low elevation limestone ridges in habitat, enjoying dry soil, little moisture, and lots of sun.

Expertly camouflaging with their rocky surroundings, A. fissuratus are most visible when they bloom their pink and violet flowers mid-summer. Although slow growers, these cacti can take on incredible character as they mature over the long term. We’re proud to offer these great finds to our valued customers, feel free to contact us directly if you’d like to add one to your collection.


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