New Year, New Gift Shop

Since passing into 2018 almost two months ago, we’ve been busy reworking the look and feel of the nursery in a big way. From building new benches in the yard and stocking them with wondrous new specimens, to rolling up our sleeves and sorting out years worth of supplies in the garage, big changes which once seemed far off have transitioned into a long awaited reality. While our plant specimens frequently steal the spotlight, we wanted to highlight the work being done to our nurseries gift shop, with large scale reorganization allowing us to offer customers an expanded selection of tools, pottery, books, original artwork, and more.

We’ve got something for everyone…including a giant cactus sculpted from horseshoes.
Traditional pottery mingles with bold new designs.

From these photos you’ll notice how smart reorganization and the installation of a new shelving system has opened up a wealth of wealth of new space, expanding the the interior of the shop yet with the loss of any of the original rustic charm. New fans are humming overhead and an upgraded lighting system has take shape to make the shop even more welcoming than ever before.

Diverse pottery choices lining the shelves.

Original artwork, mineral specimens, cacti-themed curios, and so much more.

We’ve forged relationships with a number of new artists and potters to expand our selection of unique, hand crafted offerings, providing customers with the ideal destination to treat others (or themselves!) to great gift ideas. We’re going to continue filling the gift shop with new treasures in preparation for next months grand re-opening sale. where customers will be able to take advantage of great discounts while browsing for their favorite cacti and succulent specimens. Whether you’re a long term customers or a new friend we’re meeting for the first time, you’re going to love the big changes here at Desert Creations. See you soon!


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