Essential Top Dressings Now Available

Once most plant collectors have established the ability and know-how to keep their cherished plants alive, they’re likely to start looking at ways to enhance the look of their specimens. While one option is to begin repotting select specimens into fancy ceramics, an equally effective (and perhaps more cost effective) method is to invest in top dressing. From a cosmetic angle, choosing the right top dressing can richly compliment a specimens colors, texture and form, giving it the look of having been lifted right out of habitat. Functionally, top dressing can aids in soil drainage, helps keep your specimens in an upright position, and also acts as a “lid” to keep the top of your potting mix in place.

If you’re ready to start top dressing your collection, Desert Creations offers over 20+ varieties of crushed rocks and gravel in a range of sizes and colors. Pick up one of our grab-and-go top dressing pre-packs or have us provide you a container to fill up from our on-site supplies. If you’re overwhelmed by the range of choices, we’re happy to offer our recommendations to best compliment your specimens or bring in your plants and we’ll top dress them for a small fee.

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