A Nursery Transforms Itself

With the new year we decided it was time to put some long awaited changes into effect here at Desert Creations. We’ve rearranged the interior of our gift shop, transformed the back office into a vault of rare books, and expanded on our selection of hand thrown pottery, gardening tools, and top dressing. But some of the most dramatic changes can be found outside where we’ve kept busy building new benches and platforms to accommodate a living wave of rare succulents and unique cacti. See for yourself!

Where shelving once ran east to west, our new benches and tables now running north to south. Even with this expanded amount of space you can see we’re already been stocking them full of specimens.

Taking shape here will be a table dedicated to our large collection of Euphorbias. There’s still plenty of space left so we’ll leave it to your imagination as to what we’ve got on the way to occupy the remainder of this table.

Our Adenias and Adeniums have finally found common ground with one another on this table with some Agaves muscling their way in. The flats you see on the ground are overflow which will be sent to our off site collection until they’re needed.

On the other side of the Adenias and Adeniums, our Aloe collection finally has its place in the sun. These specimens were formerly located in a very shady portion of the nursery yard but now we’re expecting the sun to bring out some interesting colors while motivating their continued growth.

It’s been a lot of work on this end but our collective vision is quickly taking shape. We’ll be updating the blog soon with a look at the interior of the shop and offering some spotlights on a range of unique specimens in the weeks ahead.

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