Incoming Haworthia

Yesterday we showed off a range of the incredible new specimens which arrived in one flat after another this earlier this week. But as mentioned, the delivery was so big we couldn’t hope to cram all the content into one blog post. Today, Desert Creations proudly shows off it’s newest additions to the shelves, a wide selection of Haworthia plants just waiting for new owners to take them home.


These are all young and healthy specimens which will reveal a range of beautiful forms as they continue to grow. A number of choices available and several of them possess the coveted leaf windows on their leaf tips (these are translucent panels which allow light to better penetrate into the plant). Despite their tough appearance, these winter growing plants do produce small white flowers which bloom from slender stalks.

See something you like? Get down to the nursery and claim yours today. Given the immense popularity of these South African succulents, they’re sure to go quickly so we recommend getting here sooner rather than later! Live out of state? Reach out to us on the contact form and we’ll work with you to deliver the Haworthia of your dreams today!

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