A Surge of Ceramics

There’s no right or wrong when it comes to potting a plant but we can all agree that hand thrown ceramics offer a visual aesthetic which can greatly enhance the look of your prized specimens. Since it’s inception, Desert Creations has stocked a variety of ceramic pots thrown by local artists which are a step above your plain terra cotta pot. Now, nursery partner Gerald Richert has been hard at work crafting an new line of hand crafted pots set to debut at the nursery in a matter of weeks.


Over the last year, Gerald has quietly developed his own ceramics room behind the scenes. Stepping into this small but productive space, the damp smell of clay permeates the air, perhaps taking the onlooker back to the days of grade school art class or an elective college course. A squat potters wheel splattered by the creative process stands occupies the middle of the room where unremarkable lumps of clay are formed into distinctive pieces of art. Lining the raw wooden shelves, finished pots patiently wait to be fired in an off site kiln.


Backed by years of education and experience, Gerald has proven himself a highly versatile potter. Whether throwing a range of pots on his wheel or fusing together huge slabs of clay by hand, Gerald makes this complicated process look all too easy. While he’s currently focusing on our first large ceramics rollout, there may be plans for accepting custom orders down the road, so keep your fingers crossed. We’ll keep you updated on Gerald’s progress and in the meantime you can stop by the shop and take advantage of great discounts on our existing stock of artisan ceramics.




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