Wrap’em and Pack’em

Whenever there’s a big sale at the nursery there’s always the initial thrill of seeing our plants going to a good home. But when the order is headed out of state, it gets a little more complicated. Simply drop a cactus in a box, throw on some postage, and take it to the post office? We wish shipping were so easy but in reality it can be a multi-day process full of varying challenges, especially when it involves some of the spikiest specimens in our nursery.


With all the specimens un-potted and ready, all we were waiting on yesterday was a visit from the California Department of Agriculture to perform an inspection and give us the green light to ship. Thankfully everything checked out and no sooner had the wildlife officer left the door we got to work packing. You’re mummifying cacti large and small, making sure the right specimen tags are affixed, and praying an errant spine doesn’t go up under your fingernail along the way. Customs forms are flying off the printers, boxes steadily fill with specimens, and flats empty of cacti one after another.


Wrap, pack, tape, and onto the next. Despite the enormity of the task ahead of us, each passing hour saw one more flat emptied, one more box filled. At the end of the day there was a sense of immense accomplishment among everyone involved when the delivery van was loaded and locked shut. With this order more or less a done deal, we can look forward to more like it as the business continues to grow.


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