Upkeep Update

If you’re a regular to Desert Creations, you’re familiar with the “Alleyway”, our row of plants located along the easterly side of the nursery. Until recently this area was just a dirt walkway which was beginning to resemble a swamp thanks to the consistent Winter rain. Obviously this muddy hazard couldn’t persist so this last weekend we were hard at work laying down a thick carpet of wood chips:


The process was long and involved. In addition to removing dozens of heavy pots and large plants from our path, there was grading the pathway, unloading heavy bags of wood chips, raking them out, and of course putting everything back once operations had concluded. But as the end result in the featured photo shows, it was a task well worth seeing through to the end. Improving the nursery any way we can offers an immense sense of personal satisfaction as well as knowing we’re improving the experience for our guests as well.

Stop by and see the improvements yourself! We’re open weekly Wednesday through Saturday from 9am to 4pm, Sundays 11am-4pm, and Monday / Tuesday by appointment.

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