A Grand Un-Potting

Un-potting is a fascinating time for us at Desert Creations. Whether it’s prepping one of our unique cacti and succulents for shipment or moving a plant into a larger vessel, we get to finally see the most intriguing parts of plants otherwise concealed below layers of soil and top dressing. As the potting soil is gently brushed away and compacted roots are worked free, the hidden forms began to reveal themselves.

If you follow our Instagram or Facebook, you’ve probably previously see us showing off un-potted specimens before. However, this time it was on a larger scale thanks to a big out of state order, with dozens of exotic cacti big enough to fill one gallon pots trailing lengthy roots coils for our camera. As one unique specimen after another was coaxed from their pots, the spectacle of seeing them “naked” was just too fascinating to keep to ourselves. Enjoy the following gallery and see for yourself the highlights of a grand un-potting!


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